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    Just got an interim message from Daytona675x, that he is still aware the MorphOS built-in game update option still needs fixing/resolving with his server, but that he's very busy at the moment, but it's still on his TO-DO list - not forgotten.

    If you own the game and cannot get the update(s), as is likely to be the case until he fixes it, then send him a message to the email address in the game files that he requests any issues be reported to, and he will likely get back to you with a manual update file(s). 8-)

    [EDIT] - UPDATE - message to me from Daytona675x -> "fixed it :) The updater works again on all my systems.
    Reason was that the new server / PHP setup sends a slightly different HTTP header than my old setup which in turn triggered a stupid crash bug in the updater's HTTP code :P Once I found the cause the remote-"fix" was easy: I edited my server scripts to manipulate the HTTP header to make it updater-friendly again."

    The last update for MorphOS / Amiga systems I believe is game release 19.44 (Amiga Ver. 12), so if you haven't got that version then you should be able to update to it simply by being online and launching the main game executable, for it to find any required update you need. 8-)

    Thanks Daniel aka Daytona675x
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