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    NewSense : There is a speaker inside the PS4's controller, this is why Poseidon loads usbaudio.device and hid.device for this controller.
    But, there is a lot of audio device, that's true !

    All : I tried an old xbox360.class last night because the last version on MorphOS 3.11 doesn't work with the joysensors plugin of FPSE (L2 and R2 buttons were inactives), and it works with the old one!
    But I don't try "new" PS4's controller with this "old" xbox360.class. I'll give a try tonight.

    [EDIT] No difference for "new" PS4's controller with this old xbox360.class, only less CPU load but still usbaudio and hid.class.[/EDIT]

    /me makes a lot of tests those days ;)

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