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    jPV wrote: ... here's the newer [PS4] one's specs: dualshock4new.jpg
    and in Poseidon: dualshock4new.png

    Is this yet another device with hidden audio hardware, that listens into users that are unaware of them being spied on?

    Additionally it could just be the Isochronous usbaudio is just showing still how out of control it is in MorphOS, as I've got nothing good to say about it as yet with v3.11. For me it still needs some serious work to get it functional with ALL, or at least with as many as possible, USB audio devices, and the Hardware Compatibility list in the MorphOS Library needs to be kept up to date with any newer devices that actually function correctly, once Isochronous USB audio is working as it is expected to, which it isn't at the moment from my hardware perspective.

    jPV wrote: Maybe jaca has some comments about these?

    PS. Tower 57's updater thing hits on MorphOS now... that's not nice... here's the log.

    Might be a good idea to forward that info to Daytona675x via his email seeing as he's having issues with fixing the server update process as this might offer some idea as to why it's failing from a user's perspective? :-?
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