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    BatteMan wrote:
    jPV : I have two PS4's controllers too but they don't work with Tower 57 (no problem with others games...).

    How did you do this trick ? ;-)
    Did you modify the configuration in Poseidon ? Here and by default, it's a "Wireless controller", binding usbaudio.class and hid.class, and it merges port 1 to USB.
    Or maybe the controllers_mos.ini ? A [Wireless controller] configuration is in my .ini file but Tower 57 doesn't recognize my PS4' controller...

    It's like Tower 57 doesn't recognize HID controllers. But it recognizes automagically the XBox360's controller which uses xbox360.class...

    OK, I made some tests now, and found some interesting things. I have two DualShock4 controllers, but only my older one does get binded to xbox360.class and it works with Tower 57. The newer one does have multiple interfaces (several for audio and one HID) and this doesn't work with Tower 57!

    So, I think it's that controllers binded to xbox360.class are using sensors.library and only this is supported by Tower 57?

    Another interesting thing is that when I have that non-working pad connected to the machine, it reports some values constantly to Poseidon even when I don't touch it, and it also makes constant 50% CPU load, not nice at all! The working one doesn't do any useless CPU load when idling.

    Here are the specs of my older PS4 pad: dualshock4old.jpg
    and how it looks in Poseidon: dualshock4old.png

    And here's the newer one specs: dualshock4new.jpg
    and in Poseidon: dualshock4new.png

    Maybe jaca has some comments about these?

    PS. Tower 57's updater thing hits on MorphOS now... that's not nice... here's the log.
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