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    Sad to read this. I backed this project for the boxed version.
    But I'm not angry, just sorry for backers and for BenitoSub and his team...

    But, I have a good news for Tower 57 MorphOS fan ! ;)
    Until a few days, I couldn't play it with a dual stick gamepad (I tried a lot of gamepads, fully working with others games but not with Tower 57, I modified the controllers_mos.ini files without success, etc.)...
    I tried an XBox 360 USB Gamepad this week-end and it works perfectly ! And without modification ! (true plug&play ^^)

    So, I bought 2 XBox 360 gamepad (a wireless with USB adaptor and a wire USB version). I'll test those when I'll receive it and I'll tell you if they work.

    /me likes this game so much, and is very impressed by the wonderful work of Daytona to port it to MorphOS !
    Proud user of MorphOS since 2003 !
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