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    Benitosub, the guy who kickstarted & wrote the original PC game perhaps did write this game full time, seeing it as full time income for some time. And unfortunally failed commercially. :-(

    Daytona675x who did the excellent AmigaNG ports (and improved the speed of the engine a lot during this process!) did not do this as his full time job, neither he expected to do so. He's still in the Amiga scene and maybe already contemplating future projects. Who knows? ;-)

    Sure thing, Daytona is a skilled coder and did a massive huge task porting the game for us (despite the numerous bugs the code was plagued with). But the content didn't get from nowhere. All these level/character graphics, music, sounds, level design - just read the credits at the end of the game - a lot of people were involved in creating Tower57 and I somehow doubt that would happen ever again.
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