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    ernsteiswuerfel wrote:

    redrumloa schrieb:
    I was unaware he expected this game to be his full time income. The Amiga NG market, even if you include all variants, is simply not big enough to support someone full time. Certainly not a single game. It's a shame.

    I think you're mixing things a little bit up.

    Benitosub, the guy who kickstarted & wrote the original PC game perhaps did write this game full time, seeing it as full time income for some time. And unfortunally failed commercially. :(

    Daytona675x who did the excellent AmigaNG ports (and improved the speed of the engine a lot during this process!) did not do this as his full time job, neither he expected to do so. He's still in the Amiga scene and maybe already contemplating future projects. Who knows? ;-)

    Well said!

    It is a shame that the original developer did not get the level of success that he had hoped for from Tower 57 sales on all platforms, but hopefully he will learn from this experience, and go into his next project with more realistic expectations, so that the result will seem to him to be more successful, and he will be encouraged to continue doing the excellent work that he can do. Given that he is a fan of the Amiga community, including MorphOS users as well, I wish him well, and don't want this experience to dampen his enthusiasm for pursuing his art form.
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