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    Dear Daytona,

    Thanks for the hardwork of bringing an ... lets say AAA (HQ) title to Amigas of today.
    You cured the remedy that is easy to Kickstart money for stretch goal, it was a valid
    question who will try and how to pull it up.

    Your layer exponation (which is terrific job for all future ports - think of
    lincensing it to other Amiga developers) and frequent video and picture posts
    have "made all clouds dissapear".

    There is just one concern - game itself seems to be in beta tests,
    so my lucky guess is that even Windows version is not finalized,
    and even you share code progress I suppose your signlehanded quality porting
    will take additional time to public release of game.

    Really looking forward to buy it like no AmigaOS title in long time.

    Now, I will abuse this board for a bit of topic.

    After all that long journey is done - of AROS, MorphOS on OS4 quality ports,
    would you remotely be interested to do a Vampire version (080 90Mhz, currently RTG, has its own AMMX instructions) provided it gets MESA SAGA, Warp3D SAGA driver or some similar solution for 3D working?

    It seems that Vamparization will quickly be a growing Amiga mareket. Currently it has FPU to be added,
    standalone board to be built - even real ASIC chips could be produced - quite a lot of potential, a lot of WIP or to be done, but basically all the ground work is behind.

    Most reliable info http://www.apollo-core.com/index.htm http://www.apollo-accelerators.com/

    Note that even I was a bit unpleasent with "we need Libre Office" comments on facebook, it is so.
    Even with quality games, a productivity software is even a bigger must and I dislike the policy
    of it being drag on since announcement of what ... 2012? and instead we are milked by eyecandies.

    Its nothing to do with your work and great opportunity, but with the way companies handle
    matters (and users).

    Now, back to MorphOS issues: Will G4 ~1Ghz + Altivec + Radeon 9200 be enough to have it playable under MOS or you are thinking of higher mid range specs?

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