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    Daytona675x wrote:
    It is as it is, no networking for the Amiga ports.

    Yeah, I agree with all of your reasoning, but having a new multi-player online game for any Amiga platform would have been nice (seeing as how rare they are available).

    I'm sure it is still going to be a fantastic game to have on all of the AmigaNG platforms. I'm guessing that because of the difficulties you have had with limited RAM and/or VRAM, a version for AmigaOS3.x is not possible, running on the fastest 68060 with a RTG video card, or emulation (either FPGA, like the Vampire accelerators, or software, like WinUAE/EUAE/FSUAE?

    If the amount of work becomes too much for this project, compared to the amount of compensation you are getting from Benito, let us know, instead of beginning to hate the project and working for minimum wages. We can raise more money, or maybe Benito will allow extra money from sales of only the Amiga versions to be diverted directly to you, instead of Benito or the distribution company.

    Edit: Even just having multi-player mode available via a local area network, and not the Internet, so that 2 to 4 AmigaNG owners could play together cooperatively in the same room, or same house together, would be fun. I suppose that this takes as much work as providing online multi-player via the Internet, so it would also not be possible, and as you said, the project is already taking more of your time than you had planned for.

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