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    amigadave wrote:
    Thanks for clearing that up Daniel. Well, that pretty much shoots the theory that the game author "Won't do anything in the main game, that would hurt the port to any of the Amiga NG platforms", which you had stated something like that previously.

    Well, to be fair: the networking feature was added after we negotiated the Amiga versions, so it would have been a bonus anyway. That this is an absolute goner now could probably have been better comunicated through the normal Kickstarter messages (maybe it even was, I don't follow those), but well.

    Unfortunately, in contrast to the other technical issues that popped up (like no hw-rendering possible, performance in general, memory consumption issues, etc.) I have no chance to work around that issue here.
    And even if: the amount of work would be much too high, no way. The whole project is / was much more work already than anticipated beforehand due to the abovementioned issues.


    Did you mention this to him? Not that it would probably make any difference in his decision, but who knows?

    Of course I did.


    I know that Benito is a fan of the Amiga, so maybe he didn't at first realize that his decision to switch the in game networking lib, would remove all chances for any of the Amiga NG platforms to be able to play online with people using other platforms, or indeed, even with other Amiga NG owners.

    Rest asured, Benito certainly did not make that decision / change just like that because it certainly was no fun for him to change everything to use the new lib.

    *Pure speculation* following as I don't know much about what's happening behind the scenes there (and even if I'd not be allowed to post such information), but the following would be typical reasons for such a lib-switch:

    the previous networking lib came with source but was not "for free". So one reason was probably that the new lib has a better licencing scheme. Or maybe it's simply better suited (e.g. faster, less bugs, better suited for game consoles, better encryption, whatever). Or maybe the server-side is better (e.g. lib-company providing better server services / capabilitites).

    You see, there may be tons of good reasons why he made (or had to make) that switch. And if the only downside was to give up networking support for a niche platform for which that feature was not on the table in the first place anyway back then, then well...


    Maybe the Amiga NG ports are more important to him than we know, and he would have reconsidered the choice to switch the in game networking lib? He did seem excited to announce that there would be a port for Amiga NG platforms, when he found you were willing and capable of doing the work for him.

    He certainly was and is excited. But shit happens. Who knows, (another *pure speculation* follows) maybe he even was commanded by the distributor to make that change (e.g. because they already made good experience with the new lib in other projects or have nice bulk-lib-contracts, whatever).

    It is as it is, no networking for the Amiga ports.
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