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    Daytona675x wrote:
    Roschmyr was that "one nice guy" I was talking about btw. ;-)


    there will be no networking in the Amiga-versions. Only two players on one machine.
    The reason is that the game's network library has been changed some months ago.

    First they were using a lib that came with source which I actually already made compile at least (didn't really test the functionality at this point but it at least connected). I had told people that there will be network support (which was an addition to the project btw.) if it works more or less out of the box, which seemed to be the case at this point.

    Then however they removed that lib and are now using another commercial network gaming lib which unfortunately is a blackbox and not available for our systems, of course. Therefore there won't be networking now at all for us.

    Thanks for clearing that up Daniel. Well, that pretty much shoots the theory that the game author "Won't do anything in the main game, that would hurt the port to any of the Amiga NG platforms", which you had stated something like that previously. I know that Benito is a fan of the Amiga, so maybe he didn't at first realize that his decision to switch the in game networking lib, would remove all chances for any of the Amiga NG platforms to be able to play online with people using other platforms, or indeed, even with other Amiga NG owners.

    Did you mention this to him? Not that it would probably make any difference in his decision, but who knows? Maybe the Amiga NG ports are more important to him than we know, and he would have reconsidered the choice to switch the in game networking lib? He did seem excited to announce that there would be a port for Amiga NG platforms, when he found you were willing and capable of doing the work for him.
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