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    Is this rendering engine or framework that you have created something that might be available for other Amiga, MorphOS, AmigaOS4.x & AROS programmers to use in their own projects? Could it be something you want to package and sell as a programming tool for all of us to take advantage of?

    No, I'm neither planning to sell it nor to make it open source or whatever.


    Does it have a name?

    No :-)
    And it's just a huge collection of classes and functions with as less dependencies as possible.
    It's not an "engine". It's more like my personal portable standard-lib (down to own container classes, string handling, etc.)


    Many people have mentioned the need for better documentation to aid new programmers for any of the Amiga inspired platforms, and I imagine that tools such as this framework that you have created would be another tool that might make it easier for new programmers to learn and use instead of learning for example SDL, or OpenGL/TinyGL directly.

    Hm, documentation? There is none. And not too many comments neither. It's self-explaining - but only to me, I guess :-P
    IMHO SDL, OpenGL etc. is far better suited to learn programming than my framework would ever be. You have countless code examples for those, lots of books, forums, etc. Or, probably even better for a beginner: go for Hollywood.
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