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    Thanks for the reply and assurance Daniel.

    Not being a programmer (like you), I just find it confusing that the rendering would work the same on the three different Amiga inspired NG platforms, when one works best with Compositing, and the other two appear to work best with OpenGL/TinyGL, without needing to duplicate the work needed, so AmigaOS4.x uses Compositing, but the MorphOS and AROS versions would be written to use OpenGL/TinyGL to get the best performance for their platforms.

    My knee jerk reaction was caused by your statement on AmigaWorld.net that you would be using Compositing to replace SDL, and that you wanted to stay away from OpenGL/TinyGL. To my limited knowledge, Compositing instead of using OpenGL/TinyGL 3D would not result in the best possible performance for MorphOS, and possibly AROS as well.

    I have no doubt that MorphOS will soon have full 3D support for some of the RadeonHD video cards, and perhaps systems that are able to use such RadeonHD video cards will also have Compositing support equal to or surpassing that built into AmigaOS4.x video card drivers, but that will not help over 90% of the existing MorphOS users, who will still have AGP systems that use older Radeon R200, R300, & R400 based video cards.

    I believe you when you say not to worry, and that all versions will run adequately, but if there is a way to explain in simple terms that even "I" will understand, and it won't take you more that 5 minutes to write out such an explanation, I would really like to understand how all of this works (in the simplest terms).
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