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    I don't remember if I've seen that statement, but I'm pretty sure it means he'll use his custom engine on higher level (maybe not using SDL framework for 3D or so), but it's still using TinyGL, Warp3D, Mesa, or OS4 compositing on the lower level, depending of the platform.

    Exactly. It is to be expected that the SDL dependencies can be removed very easily. And if possible I prefer to use on my own code :-) My framework uses a special rendering abstraction system (among others for inpur and sound etc.) that allows to select the best "low-level" rendering API for the respective task. This is more important on AOS4 though, to select between Compositing and Warp3D (and to avoid MiniGL). And it of course allows me to have more control over the whole stuff when it comes to tweaking.


    I really don't see any need for that. I have full trust to him :) Maybe he started on OS4, but he has studied the other platforms well too and that's been proved with his earlier work. He's also been answering the questions on this forum and I can't see any sort of bias when communicating with him. I think he has equal interest to make his games to work as well as possible on all platforms.

    Thanks! Yes, don't worry :-) I am absolutely neutral regarding AmigaOS flavours. The MorphOS and AROS versions will be exactly the same as the AmigaOS4 version. Was the MOS version of Battle Squadron (or any other game I was involved) worse than the AOS4 version? I don't think so.


    One other question comes to mind. Will the changes to the game engine mean that the AmigaOS4.x, MorphOS, and AROS versions will not be able to play cooperatively online with the PC, Mac & Linux versions? I hope not.

    The core mechanics of the game will remain original of course. It will be "compatible". And as long as no weird third party blackbox lib is chosen for networking (and I strongly doubt that Benitosub would do so) there is no reason why it should not work or not work between the systems. Wings Battlefield's networking works across all systems too btw. :-)

    Calm down guys. I promise(d) you that I'll port this thing for all OS flavours at best possible quality. Period :-)

    However: don't throw too detailed questions at me! I have no idea of the current source-code. I only know what Benitosub told me - which was detailed enough to be able to say: "I can do it for sure and it will run for sure on medium level NG Amiga systems".

    But for example I cannot tell yet if it will be possible to run it on a A1200 PPC. And I cannot really tell you which rendering strategy I'll chose at the end of the day (maybe I'll stick with the respective 3D APIs, but maybe I'll also do "manual blitting" like in Battle Squadron). As soon as I got the more or less final PC code to work on I can tell you more.
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