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    amigadave wrote:
    Daniel, aka Daytona675x, is the programmer chosen to port this game to AmigaOS4.x, MorphOS, and AROS. As he has stated that he intends to use his own routines and methods for rendering using a compositing engine of his own making, I am wondering if this will adversely affect the ports for MorphOS and AROS. Wouldn't a Warp3D or OpenGL/TinyGL version work better for the MorphOS port of this game? I am not familiar with the 3D abilities of AROS and Mesa, so I don't know how Daytona675x's decisions will affect the port to that platform.

    I don't remember if I've seen that statement, but I'm pretty sure it means he'll use his custom engine on higher level (maybe not using SDL framework for 3D or so), but it's still using TinyGL, Warp3D, Mesa, or OS4 compositing on the lower level, depending of the platform.

    For example his latest game, Wings Battlefield, uses TinyGL on MorphOS, Mesa on AROS, and Warp3D or compositing on OS4 depending the gfx card.


    Does anyone know if Daytona675x has done any programming work for MorphOS and AROS previously? I have read that he is a very accomplished programmer, and many people praise his abilities, so maybe my questions and concerns are unfounded.

    Yes he has. We have MorphOS versions of several of his games, for example Ace Of Hearts, Voxel Bird, Voxelnoid, and the recent Wings Battlefield. He's been improving his engine all the time and he really is a skilled programmer, and I'm impressed how quick he is to code too :)

    Only Voxelnoid was somehow unstable on MorphOS, but the rest work really fine. I had recently Wings Battlefield running as four player game for several hours on MorphOS and it worked just fine, and I've had a long sessions with the two first games too.


    Maybe a more experienced MorphOS programmer will volunteer to work with Daytona675x on this porting project, so we don't end up with a port that only works best on AmigaOS4.x and the compositing abilities of the currently unsupported RadeonHD video cards (not fully supported yet by MorphOS I mean).

    I really don't see any need for that. I have full trust to him :) Maybe he started on OS4, but he has studied the other platforms well too and that's been proved with his earlier work. He's also been answering the questions on this forum and I can't see any sort of bias when communicating with him. I think he has equal interest to make his games to work as well as possible on all platforms.


    Edit2: One other question comes to mind. Will the changes to the game engine mean that the AmigaOS4.x, MorphOS, and AROS versions will not be able to play cooperatively online with the PC, Mac & Linux versions? I hope not.

    I'd guess not.. probably actual gameplay and network layer etc would stay the same, just the lower level rendering differs... just a guess though :)
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