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    Jupp3 wrote:

    weiseb wrote:
    I assume strech goal of 1000 Euros means about about 17K left to reach 46000?
    Sorry but I dont see that. The campain is already running for 3 weeks and has 1.5 left.

    Yes, there's always a risk that too many people think "It won't achieve the goal anyway...", don't pledge, and the project fails to reach the goal because of that :-)

    The only real risk to the user is, if it does reach the goal, but not some specific stretch goal (of course there's always the risk that the project starts and fails later)

    I'd say it's very much possible to exceed the minimum, but not by too much...

    I second that!

    While I dont believe the goal will be reached I already supported
    the campain with money and hope that I am wrong.
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