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    Thanks for checking it out and for the input!

    There's a tool-type for it.

    As being said: usually trees and things like that are a no-brainer, from a coder's perspecive. But our primary goal was to provide a 3D game that looks (almost) identical even on systems without hw 3D support. And things like trees involve transparency which is problematic with our pseudo-z-buffer on AOS4 (one stupid unnecessary limitation of the Compositing API makes it impossible to work with such things - and the software fallback will result in potential flickering of such elements). That's why we decided against it. So, even if I wanted to add it now for the other systems, the next problem is: we cannot come up with decent artwork in a few hours (because that's the time remaining until the CDs are being produced...), not to mention the code for object placement and then the testing etc. (it's all rather trivial, but nevertheless...).
    This thing has to come to an end now.

    re-load gauge of the guns:
    not necessary, you got unlimited ammo. The gun may "overheat" though if you constantly shoot for a long time. It turned out to be more fun actually to NOT know exactly when this will happen.

    health bar of the player:
    is inside, on the top left; fuel bar is below that.
    And you can indirectly see the rough health state of an opponent: if his energy level gets rather low it will start to spill more an more "dark" smoke.

    altitude meter:
    That would probably make sense if we'd have something like stall. However it turned out that it's more fun without such things. We tuned the mechanics following the K.I.S.S. principle ;-)

    The idea is good indeed - and we already came up with it ourselfs ;-) It's on the list of potential addons for an update.

    Turned out to be not that much fun to "punish" the player even more. He already gets punished because flying that much upwards makes his fuel deplete quicker. And we don't want to interfere too much: if somebody wants to fly high, let it be so. Besides that: a free-fall enemy isn't such an easy target at all :-)

    right now you accelerate when flying down and decelerate (less) when flying up and slowly get back to normal speed when flying more or less straight. We're thinking of adding a turbo-button maybe (also requires AI modifications).

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