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    Tested the demo version. It run really smooth! Perhaps you could add an option to reveal fps rate on a top/bottom corner just for comparison between systems.

    I agree that the scenery needs a little more variety (such as trees on the landscape or perhaps a building such as a barn here and there). Also, when hitting the ground you should die instantly imho.
    When steering vertically for a long time (gaining height), the engines of the plane could stall after a specific altitude, thus making the player a free fall - easy target (since he wanted to attack from above and he overused it).

    How about implementing a re-load gauge of the guns, a health bar of the player or altitude meter (if you make the engines stall)?
    The idea of floating balloons from igracki is cool and will make the rounds last longer (especially fun on amiga lan parties :).

    Finally, why not being possible to accelerate or lose speed when in pursuit of an enemy? I think that would make the gameplay more complete. If you disagree on that idea and you still want to keep it much arcade, then you could copy the way Biplane duel originally did it on the Amiga (gaining speed) without using accel. buttons.

    Anyway, just my thoughts :)

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