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    Well, not Yet, i'am just working on window support, but right now, there is a way to pause the game with single Esc or "p", and then You can switch between screens. Well, if You don't hear any sounds, is there a possibility, that Your AHI isn't correctly configured, we are just investigating, how to make the game working on ALL machines (as it seams to works on all our machines, but doesn't on many others). I suppose, there should be another update with all this fixed, next week.



    defender wrote:
    Hi Mark, is there a way to run this game in a window (to reach snoopium).
    After the title screen I can't leave the game and the cursor click did not bring me any further.
    My test config = G4 Powermac with 3.5.1 Radeon 9250 and emu10kx pci sound (while
    I didn't hear any sounds)

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