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    Hi there, thanks a lot for testing (although mostly unsatisfactory) on Your machines. That's really strange, it has these issues on Your machines, my development machine is PMac 2xG4/1833 and PBook G4/1.67, and it works on both of them. Truth is, that it sometimes happen, it does freezee (still finding the reason), but i have also Pegasos1 and PMac G5, on which i didn't tested it yet, so i will and perhaps i will find some solution. The game is tested also under A1200 with 060, A4000T with 060 and A1200 with 030 with ofcourse less framerate, and still working.

    There is nothing like standard settings as the game tries to adapt, but ofcourse 640x512 and 320x256 should be ideal ones for the intro and game. Hope to release soon a improved version, that will fix all these issues, that we simply didn't step on, as it worked on all our machines...

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